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LPG Conversions

LAS motorhomes can help you halve your fuel costs by converting your petrol vehicle to run on LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas).

We use the "Zavoli" system which we have specifically chosen for its injectors. The injectors in this system are strong enough to prevent problems arising as they need to supply large quantities of gas when the engine is running on high load, which is 25% of the time for an RV.

With an LAS conversion, we use Zavoli pan injectors which have the capacity to run an engine producing 600 BHP. This is more than adequate for an American motorhome which traditionally will produce 360 BHP. This helps to avoid damage to the pistons and valves, caused when the temperature of the combustion chamber gets too high by making sure enough LPG is injected into the cylinders. It is known as running "lean" if an engine doesn't get enough LPG when running at a high load.

More reasons why LAS use Zavoli Injectors are:

  • The 10 cylinder kits were developed for the V10 Ford Trident engine because LAS were part of their development and testing
  • Zavoli have a 3 year warranty at no extra cost
  • The system has been tested to Euro 5 emissions standards
  • When asked by a mainstream engine manufacturer to fit 2 vehicles with their system for extensive testing and vigorous examination under the microscope, Zavoli rose to the challenge while their competitors dropped out.

Are they expensive? Well Zavoli Injectors can actually save you money in the long run because of the way they are fitted. Other manufacturers have a rail of 4 or 5 injectors which feed into the cylinders, proving costly to replace when only one has a problem - almost 500 a rail. Whereas Zavoli Injectors fit one into each cylinder, so if it breaks down, only one will need replacing at a cost of around 50.

So to get the best performance out of your engine at the best price, contact LAS for an LPG conversion on 01604 861999

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